Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Romney calls for an end to key wind energy credit

When the production tax credit for wind energy expires at the end of the year, it could cost tens of thousands of jobs.

Second day of blackouts leaves nearly 10 percent of humanity without power

Another day of blackouts strike India, impacting twice as many people.

Protestor with "Stop the Pipeline" sign

TransCanada gets final OK for last leg of Keystone pipeline down middle of U.S.

The northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline is in limbo, but the southern leg is moving right along.

A weekend of protests barely makes the papers

Protests in D.C., West Virginia, China, and Japan barely register on American media.

Medal-less Germany generates 25 percent of electricity from renewables

But generates zero gold, silver, or bronze medals in London.

Enbridge doesn’t seem to understand how pipes are supposed to work

An oil pipeline operated by Enbridge has sprung a leak in Wisconsin, just as the company is seeking approval for a big tar-sands pipeline in British Columbia.

Drought leads to ethanol backlash, finicky farm animals, and higher food prices for you

Some meat-producing states are fighting the feds' requirements for corn ethanol in gasoline, trying to bring down corn prices.

High heat knocks out power to hundreds of millions in India

Excessive power demand due to high temperatures knocked as many as 370 million Indians off the grid.


(Koch-funded) scientist changes opinion, finds warming due to humans (including Kochs)

Richard Muller, a long-time climate-change denier, did a big study of his own and found the same thing everyone else has: Humans are causing climate change.