Rachel Cernansky

Rachel Cernansky is a freelance journalist in Colorado. She focuses on the environment and social justice, and you can find her on Twitter.

Proposed law would keep California farmworkers from overheating

For farmworkers, ensuring you have shade and water in a farm field isn't as easy as most people think. Now, some advocates in California are trying to change that.

woman selling at farmers market

Thousands more farmers markets will soon take food stamps

The U.S. Department of Agriculture just announced a plan to add as many as 4,000 EBT machines to farmers markets in an effort to help low-income people eat healthier.

The mother who stood up to Monsanto in Argentina

A winner of this year's Goldman Environmental Prize, Sofia Gatica organized women in her city to study the health effects of agrochemicals in the soy fields and worked to get a dangerous pesticide banned. Now she's taking on Monsanto.

Industrial poultry about to get even crappier — literally

What will happen if USDA inspectors leave big poultry processors to "self-regulate"? The result could be worse than pink slime.

Make yourself useful: Five food actions in five minutes

We've collected some of the most important things you can do to speak up for a greener food system right now.

Meet Tracie McMillan, ‘overeducated’ food justice writer

The food reporter talks about her new book, working in farm fields and Walmart, and the recent attention she's received from Rush Limbaugh.

New Agtivist: Bryant Terry is inspiring his community to eat better

With his third cookbook, The Inspired Vegan, this chef and food justice advocate is reintroducing communities of color to the traditional foods that will keep them healthy.