Rachel Nuwer

Rachel Nuwer writes for the New York Times, Audubon Magazine, Popular Mechanics, ScienceNOW, Edible Magazine, and other venues.

Flying worst class: Air travel is about to get bumpier and barfier

Thanks to climate change, what remains of glamorous air travel will soon be soaked in vomit and spilled Diet Cokes.

When disaster strikes, Twitter might save us

Scientists mine social media, email, and other communication data to prepare for hurricanes, heat waves, and other natural disasters.

Wild plants: The best ingredients you didn’t know you had

Plucking seemingly random weeds out of the dirt and sticking them in your mouth may be disconcerting to most city dwellers, but that’s exactly what a group of New Yorkers traveled to New Jersey to do recently.

A professional forager shares her secrets [SLIDESHOW]

Take a visual foraging tour with the author of the cookbook "Foraged Flavor."

In Baltimore, the gods will not save you — but the trees will

A new study finds that in the city that birthed The Wire, trees provide shelter from crime.