Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker writes about the environment, snow, skiing, and other things from Boulder, Colo.

Markese Bryant: From the mean streets to the green economy

When he was 20, Bryant was arrested for selling crack cocaine. Today, he's fighting to give African American youth opportunities that he never had.

In Boston, battling for bikes with (gasp!) civility and kindness

Jackie Douglas is crusading to make Beantown’s streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, but you won’t hear her calling names.

Gita Nanden says green design isn’t just for eco snobs

In Brooklyn's poorest neighborhood, one architect combines urban farming, smart design, and a little grit to draw the community into the process of creating a more sustainable city.

Zakiya Harris says communities of color can lead us to a sustainable future

This Oakland-based hip hop artist and green crusader says the inner city is fertile ground for change.

New Agtivist: Paul Kearsley’s gardens play by nature’s rules

Kearsley, an industrial designer by training, is spreading the gospel of permaculture -- a style of growing that puts food on the table while bolstering local ecology.

Alison Gannett: Extreme skier turned climate hawk

If we don't buck up and start behaving, we can kiss our powder days good-bye. So this world-champion downhiller is taking her message to boardrooms across the country to help major brands cut carbon by up to 50 percent.