Randy Rieland

Randy Rieland is a writer who lives in Washington, D.C., but tries to spend as many weekends as possible at his cottage in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. He also actually remembers the first Earth Day. You can email him at randy.rieland[at]gmail[dot]com.

Energy chief pumps up cleantech as the new Sputnik

Steven Chu is trying to keep from being an easy target for Republicans by conjuring up memories of America winning the space race.

Study says climate change could make a billion homeless

As the climate conference begins in Cancun, new research lays out a worst case scenario for a faster-warming planet.

Feds push to speed up wind farms off the East Coast

The White House finally decided that it was time to get serious about tapping into all that wind blowing along the Atlantic Coast.

Greenhouse gas pledges aren't enough to stop global warming

Even if all the countries that pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions live up to their commitments, it's still not enough to control global warming. Plus, Satan and climate change deniers.

EPA targets polluters who do their business on poor communities

Whether it's coal ash or hazardous waste or just bad air, low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be dumped on.

Study suggests climate scientists should leave out the scary parts

A new study concludes that people can become climate change skeptics if they think forecasts of the future sound too dire.

The battle over drilling moves north to Alaska

So it looks like Lisa Murkowski has won her write-in campaign to get re-elected to the Senate.

Another report, another BP bashing

Sure, we've heard it before, but the latest conclusion that BP dropped the ball big time comes from a group that knows how to run a big oil rig.

Upton takes right-wing beatdown for incandescent bulb ban

When Republican choose the head of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, the decision may come down to light bulbs. That's right, light bulbs.