Rebecca Leber

Rebecca Leber is Grist's news editor and reports on climate politics and policy. Before Grist, she was a staff writer at The New Republic and a reporter for ThinkProgress. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

hearing things

Scott Pruitt falters on basic science at EPA hearing

He botched the facts on both climate change and lead poisoning.

grand ol' pretense

Interior pick Ryan Zinke wants you to know he’s “not a climate scientist expert”

The ol’ GOP excuse makes a comeback.

warming up

Even Rex Tillerson thinks Trump is wrong on climate change

At his confirmation hearing, the secretary of state pick elaborated on his stance.

fueled up

The climate deniers and fossil fuel fans who support Scott Pruitt for EPA

"This is a frightening moment.”

Terry, terry, quite contrary

Meet the most pro-climate appointee Trump has made yet.

That's not saying much.

dynamic polluter duo

Is Trump’s EPA pick or State nominee the riper target for Democrats?

Or the answer is both.

oh frack

The EPA found that fracking can impact drinking water quality.

The EPA, in the end, didn't include more controversial text.


George W. Bush EPA chief slams Trump’s pick

"I don’t recall ever having seen an appointment of someone who is so disdainful of the agency.”

The Standing Rock Sioux will be ready to take a Trump challenge to courts

The pipeline is far from dead. But it’s also still far from a sure thing.