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Rebecca Leber is Grist's news editor and reports on climate politics and policy. Before Grist, she was a staff writer at The New Republic and a reporter for ThinkProgress. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Debate Fallout

Trump shows us what happens to a climate denier in denial

All those times I said it was a hoax? JK!

Election 2016

Clinton didn’t wait for a moderator’s question to attack Trump on climate.

Trump says he never called climate change a Chinese hoax. Fact check: He did.


What’s that German word for waiting for a debate question on your issue, only to be crushed every time?

If you care, welcome to the personal hell of watching presidential debates.

Election 2016

The GOP’s top climate hawk sees a potential Trump upside

Bob Inglis clings to hope that the real estate developer will break the GOP's fever on global warming.

Ready. Same. Fire.

Millennials are starting to realize that Clinton is not the same as Trump

In a new poll, more young voters realize a Clinton presidency is not the same as a Trump one.

Scare quotes

Trump says, “Science is science and facts are facts,” and explains his “facts” on climate change.

Trump says "perhaps" we act reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Breaking news

Pipeline construction is on hold as Standing Rock Sioux Tribe loses one battle, wins another.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe lost its big case, but the feds stepped in immediately after the decision.

Greener pastures

A top environmental activist isn’t so sure about the Green Party presidential candidate’s green cred.

Jane Kleeb questions Jill Stein's commitment to the cause.

oh frack

Fracking operations might’ve caused one of Oklahoma’s biggest earthquakes yet.

Oklahoma ties for its biggest earthquake yet.