Rebecca Leber

Rebecca Leber is Grist's news editor and reports on climate politics and policy. Before Grist, she was a staff writer at The New Republic and a reporter for ThinkProgress. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

solid red

It’s not just D.C.: Republicans dominated elections at the state level this year, too.

State politics matter, too. Now more than ever.

The media's been trumped

Trump spun his climate denial to the New York Times and lots of people fell for it

No, the president-elect's views on climate change have not shifted.


The EPA chief’s post-election message: Keep calm and carry on.

"The train to a global, clean energy future has already left the station."

The Fight Ahead

Inside the climate movement’s Trump-fighting strategy

It will take a combination of political, legal, and social pressure to reduce his damage to climate action and environmental protection.


Dakota Access protesters reminded the nation they won’t be silenced.

Dakota Access protests grow in size and scope, especially in the face of a Trump era.

polar opposites

The Senate lost some more GOP climate moderates.

There are fewer non-climate change deniers than ever among Republican senators.

Coal in Every Stocking

Trump will be the fossil fuel industry’s greatest gift

From oil execs in the Cabinet to scrapping air pollution regs, the Trump agenda is terrible. But can he do it all?

Election 2016

Trump’s win is a deadly threat to stopping climate change.

It will take time to fully process the damage Trump will do.

Election 2016

This really is a climate change election

You might not recognize it from the media coverage, but the issue was critical throughout the campaign.