Rebecca Leber

Rebecca Leber is Grist's news editor and reports on climate politics and policy. Before Grist, she was a staff writer at The New Republic and a reporter for ThinkProgress. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Debate watch

An alternative timeline of what the Clinton-Trump debates could have been.

The debate that never was on climate change.

The truth is out there

The Podesta email leak sheds more light on his UFO fixation and cooking skills than anything else.

Let's not miss the real story here.

Miami heat

We finally heard what Clinton sounds like when she digs in on climate.

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton appeared side-by-side in a Miami campaign stop that framed the climate-change challenge in an unusually optimistic light.


Hurricane Matthew has brought the weather deniers out of hiding.

Pro-tip: Don't take life-or-death advice from Matt Drudge.

fait accompli

The rest of the world is practically daring Trump to stop climate action now.

By promising to cancel the Paris climate deal, Trump might have unintentionally sped it along.

Men Again

The VP debate spent a hot second on climate change.

The "war on coal," however, came up five times.

Debate Fallout

Trump shows us what happens to a climate denier in denial

All those times I said it was a hoax? JK!

Election 2016

Clinton didn’t wait for a moderator’s question to attack Trump on climate.

Trump says he never called climate change a Chinese hoax. Fact check: He did.


What’s that German word for waiting for a debate question on your issue, only to be crushed every time?

If you care, welcome to the personal hell of watching presidential debates.