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Rebecca Leber is Grist's news editor.


Don’t gloat over Ted Cruz’s loss. He’ll just go back to harassing climate scientists.

Now he can focus all of his attention on promoting science denial in the U.S. Senate.

Climate & Energy

Future President Trump has some thoughts on climate change

Also: The EPA is ruining his hair. Sad!


Charles Koch finds a lot of things scary — except climate change

The 80-year-old billionaire says the climate is changing "in a mild and manageable way."

Climate & Energy

John Kerry tugs at heartstrings at the Paris signing

Kerry makes a cute, symbolic statement about global warming.


A top climate negotiator isn’t stressing out over the future of the Paris agreement

Grist catches up with Todd Stern about why he doesn't wonder, “Oh my God, what if.”


Extreme heat? Check. Ice loss? Check. Any other records we can shatter?

The world really is running out of new climate extremes.

Climate & Energy

This was the climate debate we’ve been waiting for

At the Democratic debate on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred over substantive climate and energy issues.


No new lead crises in 5 years? Clinton has a plan

She also has her work cut out for her.


Climate change is a multitrillion-dollar business opportunity, according to John Kerry

It’s not all doom and gloom.