Rebecca Leber

Rebecca Leber is Grist's news editor and reports on climate politics and policy. Before Grist, she was a staff writer at The New Republic and a reporter for ThinkProgress. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Why are Democrats so bad at talking about climate change?

It’s hard to make global warming seem relevant to people's lives. Exhibit A: The Democratic convention

The poll shebang

Many young voters don’t see a difference between Clinton and Trump on climate

New polling makes the case that Democrats should highlight how they're different from Republicans on climate change and clean energy.

What can Brown do for you?

Finally, the climate teardown of Trump you’ve been waiting for

California Gov. Jerry Brown: Our drought is real, climate denial isn't.

State of mind

Climate hawks look to make waves at the local and state levels

They know they won't be able to get anything through Congress.

I believe the children are our future

Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all did one important thing in their convention speeches

And it wasn't just that they endorsed Hillary Clinton.

So leave the lights on

Dems warm up crowd with Demi Lovato — and climate change

A pop song was the warm-up to the DNC's first prime-time mention of climate change.

Election 2016

The GOP has a plagiarism problem and it’s not Melania Trump

Politicians copy industry talking points all the time, and it's harder to catch them in the act.

Election 2016

Hey, someone mentioned climate change on stage at the Republican convention

Of course, that doesn't mean they intend to do anything about it.

Election Guide ★ 2016

Getting serious about climate change: A cheat sheet for candidates

From reforming campaign finance to raising the gas tax, here are solutions that make sense.