Richard Schiffman

Richard Schiffman is a reporter, a poet, and the author of two books. His environmental journalism appears regularly in the Guardian and other publications. Follow him on Twitter at @Schiffman108.


Thanks, giving: Reflections on generosity, hunger, and the power of a shared meal

A chance encounter on a New York City street -- and a plate of Kentucky Fried Chicken -- changed one man's life for good.

Climate & Energy

The Southwest’s forests may never recover from megafires

"Abnormal" fire risks have become the new normal in the parched Southwest.


Oh beehive: This pollinator porn will make you fall in love with bees

This could be the most lavishly filmed insect flick ever. It may also break your heart.

Climate & Energy

What the frack do we know? Not much, it turns out

A new report in the journal Science discovers there are a lot of things about fracking we don’t know. But since we've fracked half the country anyway, we're going to find out.

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