Richey Piiparinen

Richey Piiparinen lives and writes in Cleveland. His work has appeared in Next American City, the Classical, as well as other outlets. Richey is a regular contributor to Rust Wire, and he has a baby girl named Angel Lee.


Rust Belt chic: Can gritty, beaten down cities find their inner cool?

Half of urban renewal relies on changing a blighted city’s image. So why are city rebranding campaigns such notorious failures?


The city, stripped down: How ruin porn can help rebuild the Rust Belt

Photo: BB and HHThis essay originally appeared in Rustwire. Living in the Rust Belt, one becomes accustomed to things that many people would find shocking. Examples: Not long ago, I saw the façade of an abandoned building fall out of itself on fire and into the street. Firemen and neighbors gathered around to look. Nobody was surprised, really. It was more a communal experience than anything. Not a few weeks later, I went for a jog and came upon another building that had been reduced to a skeleton of twisted metal that had its insides sunken in. It was quiet. …

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