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RL Miller is an attorney, climate/enviro blogger, runner, quilter, keeper of chickens. If you hate the terms climate zombies and oilpocalypse, blame RL Miller.

Finally, PolitiFact calls out GOP candidate on climate

PolitiFact researched and debunked a Republican presidential candidate's claims that climate science is in dispute. Now it's the mainstream media's turn.

Fossil-fuel industries push for a Great Outdoors Giveaway

More than 70 million acres of public land would lose protection under a bill in the U.S. House. Who's behind it? Oil, gas, and coal companies.

Rage of a dying dinosaur: Why is AEP really shutting down five coal plants?

American Electric Power's shutting down five of its coal plants because they aren't profitable. But rather than admit that, it's putting out press releases blaming the "job-killing EPA."

gloved hand covered in oil

Keystone pipeline spilled tar-sands oil 11 times in past year. Do we really want to supersize it?

The routes of the existing and proposed Keystone pipelines. Image: RL MillerThe State Department is currently weighing whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry tar-sands oil some 2,000 miles southward, from Alberta, Canada, to Houston and Port …

Will natural-gas fracking turn New York into a 21st century Appalachia?

How much is it worth to you to put up with contaminated drinking water?Photo: Helen SlottjeLet’s define “Appalachia” at the beginning: a place blessed with mountains above below-ground natural resources, but cursed with chronically high unemployment; a place where natural …

Stupid goes viral: Climate Zombies of Oregon, Hawaii, Minnesota, and northern Rocky Mountains

I finish up all states west of the Rockies, throw in Minnesota, and find not one, but two Republican incumbents who admit the reality of climate change

The curious case of why Chevron is sitting out Prop 23

Chevron and the California Chamber of Commerce claim neutrality on Proposition 23. But a close look at two other propositions shows otherwise.

Stupid goes viral: Climate Zombies of Kansas, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Tennessee

A look at five states turns up one Republican who worries about his carbon footprint and a second who's acknowledged climate science in the past.

Stupid goes viral: Deep in the heart of Climate Zombieland

In Texas, home of the oil industry, the existence of climate zombies is hardly a shock. But just how badly is Texas infected with climate zombies?