Robert Walker

Robert J. Walker is the president of the Population Institute.

No kidding: “Reproductive success” might mean not reproducing

Choosing to be childfree is neither unnatural nor selfish. We're already overutilizing the resources that today's children and their children will need to survive.

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

7 billion? It’s time to talk

People go out of their way to avoid talking about population, just as they do with sex, politics, and religion. But it’s time to get over the squeamishness.

What climate activists need to learn from the NRA and the gun-control wars

The gun lobby has won battles by energizing its small membership base, influencing the outcome of elections, and employing bare-knuckled tactics.

Let's move beyond the “population vs. consumption” debate

Can't we please give all women in the world the information and family-planning services they need to prevent unwanted and unintended pregnancies?

Of course population is still a problem

There are already 6.8 billion of us …Photo courtesy James Cridland via FlickrFred Pearce keeps on saying that population growth is no longer a problem. He said it again yesterday as part of his World Population Day message. In Fred’s …