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Slow Food Nation: A slow food preamble

Wendell Berry’s statement of facts

Poet, essayist, novelist and "local-ist" Wendell Berry kicked off the final panel of the Slow Food Nation "Food for Thought" series on Saturday by reading a short statement describing the current food crisis. For too long, humans have been spared, mainly by the cheapness of the fossil fuels, from the universal necessity of local adaptation. It is ultimately an inescapable biological imperative that human land use economies should correspond as closely as possible to the ecological mosaic. To this, we no longer have even the illusion of a second choice. The increasing cost of energy and the vulnerability of long …

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Slow Food Nation: Revolutionary diet

Slow foodies unveil declaration of sustainability

Copies of the Slow Food Declaration at San Francisco City Hall. Some of the leading voices in the movement for a sustainable agriculture system stood together Thursday to unveil the "Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture," a 12-point set of principles for reorienting American food away from corporate farms and long-haul delivery to local producers and land stewardship. The luminaries, including movement bigwigs like Alice Waters, Dan Imhoff, and Marion Nestle, stood together inside San Francisco City Hall to read the declaration. The event was held on the eve of Slow Food Nation, a three-day gathering that promises to showcase …

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Pelosi to nation: Dems support drilling too!, video

Speaker’s radio address aimed at blunting GOP message on energy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took up the "drill more, drill now" refrain Saturday in the Democrats' weekly radio address, offering up a list of policy proposals intended to show that Democrats do indeed care about high gas and energy prices. Here's the YouTube version (text can be found here): Pelosi bashes the Bush administration for failing to deal with energy issues for the past eight years, and she offers up all the obligatory slams against Big Oil. It's not just about drilling, she reminds listeners, outlining proposals to invest in mass transit, tighten mileage standards, and fund clean energy …


Gas squeeze

Investigative report details threat gas drilling poses to N.Y.’s freshwater resources

Investigative news startup ProPublica this week blew some fresh air into Albany, N.Y., with a report on state regulators' and lawmakers' headlong rush to open up more areas to natural-gas exploration. In partnership with WNYC, ProPublica called into question the state's conclusion that freshwater sources in the state would not be contaminated by the expanded drilling. To the contrary, the news partners "found that this type of drilling has caused significant environmental harm in other states and could affect the watershed that supplies New York City's drinking water." At issue is a proposal to expand exploration of natural gas in …

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