Ryan Koronowski

Ryan Koronowski is the deputy editor of Climate Progress.

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Thanks to Congress, 2014 will bring uncertainty for the wind industry

The wind PTC has allowed the industry to grow and reduce costs, but now it is expiring. There hasn't been a big fight to extend it into next year. Why?

Climate & Energy

On clean energy, Obama thinks we should Sweden the deal

At a press conference with Sweden Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, President Obama was asked what the U.S. could learn from Sweden. His first thought was sustainable energy development.

Climate & Energy

16 of your favorite things that climate change is totally screwing up

From surfing to the Tour de France to sweaters, here are 16 great things that global warming is going to ruin.

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Like father, like daughter: Climate denier Liz Cheney to run for Senate in Wyoming

Liz Cheney says Obama's climate plan is "using phony science to kill real jobs."

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Free-market fans hate climate science, heart conspiracy theories

Why do climate deniers refuse to accept that climate change is happening despite overwhelming scientific evidence? A new study may provide a clue.