Sarah Goodyear

Sarah Goodyear has written about cities for a variety of publications, including Grist and Streetsblog. She lives in Brooklyn. She's also on Twitter.

Pedestrians and transit riders come last [VIDEO]

More people living in the suburbs are poor and without cars. But autocentric street design means you risk your life getting around any other way.

When design kills: The criminalization of walking

A child is struck by a driver and killed when crossing the street on foot with his mother -- and she is the one who is charged with vehicular homicide. Why is normal, instinctive pedestrian activity criminalized?

Erasing hate speech from public spaces [VIDEO]

One 66-year-old German woman has made it her mission to remove and obliterate neo-Nazi, homophobic, and racist graffiti. Watch "The Hate Destroyer" in action.

Urban gardens: The harvest is not just food, it's community

Community gardens have an almost magical power to change the urban landscape. Now many in New York City are safe in the hands of those who tend them.

Building better cities so people can have better lives

Some very smart people got together for a Ford Foundation forum on "The Just City." What did they say?

Toronto women's shelter starts bike-sharing program

When you're broke and scared and used to not being in charge of your own life, regaining autonomy is a step-by-step process. Getting on a bike can help with all that.

Aerialist flies high above New York's Williamsburg Bridge [VIDEO]

The performance that aerialist Seanna Sharpe gave on the Williamsburg Bridge last night is unlikely to achieve the iconic status of Philippe Petit's high-wire act between the Twin Towers. But for 15 minutes, dozens of New Yorkers stood enthralled as …

Why do cities drive us crazy?

Studies have repeatedly shown that rates of mental illness are higher in cities. We still don't know exactly why, but neuroscience is on the job.

Detroit, reborn as Bike City [VIDEO]

There's a growing bike scene in Detroit, and this film by Alex Gallegos captures it beautifully.