Sarah Goodyear

Sarah Goodyear has written about cities for a variety of publications, including Grist and Streetsblog. She lives in Brooklyn. She's also on Twitter.

Is Los Angeles Metro throwing bus riders under the bus?

What does the elimination of a bus line serving mostly Latino domestic workers say about the Los Angeles transit system?

When eyes on the street record what they see

Thanks to camera phones, not only will the revolution be televised, so might any random stupid thing you do in public.

Crazy Europeans think people are more important than cars

All across Europe, urban policy is shifting to favor humans over automobiles. What are they thinking? The New York Times takes a look.

Great places: how livable streets make us happier humans

My dense, walkable, transit-rich neighborhood does a lot of great things for my carbon footprint. But what it does for my soul might, in the end, be more important.

In London, bike commuters now the majority in some places

Cyclists make up more than 50 percent of the traffic on some busy London commuter routes. But as in New York, two-wheeled travelers still have an image problem to overcome.

Make cities, not war

Mayors from around the country are wondering why we're building bridges in Kandahar when bridges at home are falling to pieces.

Older Americans could be stranded without better transit

As the huge baby boom generation gets older, our auto-dependent society will have to adapt, a new report argues.

A virtual vacation: Stroll the world with Robot Flâneur

Can't travel the world? A new website will take you to some of its most stimulating cities, and saunter with you down their streets -- with a little help from Google Street View.

Repairing our broken cities by transforming infrastructure

Can landscape architecture fix the blight created by outdated and destructive transportation infrastructure?