Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry is a freelance food writer based in Berkeley and the voice behind the blog Lettuce Eat Kale.

Troubled waters: Farmers and scientists work together to save oysters

Oyster farmers on the West Coast are working overtime to find creative ways to save these sea creatures -- and their own livelihoods.

A food desert in paradise: Solving Hawaii’s fresh vegetable problem

When it comes to food access, some parts of rural Hawaii are not unlike the inner city. But one Maui organization is helping Native Hawaiians get access to fresh vegetables, despite the odds.

New Agtivist: Fixing school lunch in the nation’s capital

Meet Andrea Northrup, a 25-year-old working to bring local foods into the public schools of Washington, D.C.

New agtivists: Young filmmakers take an urban farm adventure

For their documentary-in-progress, two recent college grads circled the nation to paint a visually compelling picture of today's diverse urban farm landscape.

‘Weight of the Nation’ takes a realistic look at a looming crisis

According to one critic, this four-part HBO series -- which begins tonight -- offers a systematic examination of the obesity epidemic.

Glean unto others: Ending hunger with foraged foods

Fruit and vegetable gleaning isn't just for nature-curious hipsters. It's also a great way to get fresh food in the hands of those with less access.

Put your money where your mouth is: Funding food with Kickstarter

The online fundraising platform isn't just for artists and techies anymore; in 2011 alone, 241 successful Kickstarter food projects netted over $2.8 million.

Not your grandma’s yogurt

Although it's often seen as a healthy grocery store option, most yogurt is the product of an increasingly industrialized process.

New Agtivist: Adam Berman, faith-based urban farmer

Meet the founder of Urban Adamah, a one-acre urban farm in Berkeley and a fellowship for young people that integrates organic farming, social justice, and progressive Jewish spiritual practice.