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The New Agtivist: Inga Haugen, farm girl at large

Photo: Cathrine Windyk Inga Haugen may look a little like Heidi, but she's a modern-day farm girl through and through. In 1993, her family moved to the small town of Canton, Minn. (population less than 400), to Springside Farm, 230 acres of rolling hills and grazing land that was then a hobby farm. Her mother, Bonnie, wanted to run a working farm; she figured it would be a way to earn a living while she raised three children: Inga, now 30, Olaf, now 27, and Thor, now 24. Springside was in one of the worst places to farm in the …


Learning on the half-shell

Photo: Gwendolyn MeyerLuc Chamberland thinks oyster farming is often misunderstood. That's why the aquaculturist wants to educate the public about the benefits of cultivating bivalves in Tomales Bay, a pristine estuary in West Marin, Calif. A recent, high-profile controversy surrounding a commercial oyster farm in the area has focused on the potentially negative environmental impacts of cultivating oysters (namely disruption to native species). But Chamberland sees oyster farming as a sustainable practice that does more good than harm. That's why, a few years ago, he conceived of Pickleweed Point Community Oyster Farm -- a kind of CSA for the briny …

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Kickstarting on-demand heirloom produce

Ajo Rojo garlic.Photo: Anne Nester For those who like to get lost in the vast world of heirloom fruits and vegetables, the first National Heirloom Exposition, held mid-September in Santa Rosa, Calif., didn't disappoint. The three-day event -- which drew seasoned farmers, seed savers, edible educators, and backyard growers -- included an exhibition hall filled with an impressive array of heirloom produce from farms and gardens around the country, including rare and exotic pumpkins, tomatoes, melons, and peppers. The expo also featured heritage farm animal breeds, chefs demos, expert speakers, heirloom food tastings, and a seed exchange. For the innovators …