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Count your regs before they hatch

ProPublica keeps a close eye on Bush’s last-minute shenanigans

As the Bush administration tries to cement W’s anti-environmental legacy by pushing through last-minute evildoing, ProPublica is keeping a close eye on the shenanigans. Here is a big-picture article on 11th-hour regulations, including speculation as to what President Obama could do to reverse ‘em. Here is a list of 20 rules and regulations that the Bushies are trying to push through — from opening the Grand Canyon to uranium exploration to easing restrictions on mountaintop-removal mining to mucking with the Endangered Species Act — along with notes on whether there’s still time to bitch them out send in a comment. …

From Backseat to Front Seat

Honk if you’re lovemaking Think a small, fuel-efficient car will get in the way of your, um, backseat driving? Fear not, sez this guide: size doesn’t matter. Photo: Marisa Harris Reduce, reuse, ridiculous Tomorrow is America Recycles Day, so you can finally get rid of all that paper you’ve been stockpiling. And thanks to this group, all those recyclables can translate into free mayonnaise! Yay! Turtlenecking It’s hard out there for a last-of-his-kind tortoise. Or, as it turns out, not so hard. Photo: putneymark Thar she blows This week’s best headline: “Red Vadge of Courage.” Just edging out “Helicopters Collect …


William Shatner speaks out against global warming

And again I say: Shatner!

From 50 to Felony

Mo’ Bette-ah 50 Cent and the Divine Miss M teamed up to restore a community garden. Next, they collaborate on new album Get the Rose or Die Tryin’, featuring hit single “You Are the P.I.M.P. Beneath My Wings.” Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage Watch out for the cliff! Hey lemmings, we know climate change seems like Level 30 Mayhem. But if y’all use a few diggers, and a basher or two, and you with the umbrella, if you’d just float down over there, I think you’ll all make it out alright. Bamboozled? BamGoo: ‘bam-gü 1. A Japanese electric car made almost entirely …

Enviro reax

Green groups react to the election of Barack Obama

Big green groups were wholly delighted that voters elected Barack Obama as the next president of the United States on Nov. 4. Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council: “It sure feels good once again to be an environmentalist. Just the sight of people going to the polls was a welcome reminder that President Bush’s unrelenting assault on our natural heritage will soon come to an end. And if that weren’t uplifting enough, there is the stunning outcome of the voting itself. An advocate for the environment, Barack Obama, will be the next president of the United States. Talk about …

World please

World leaders express hope that Obama will actively address climate change

World leaders congratulated Barack Obama on his presidential win, and indicated that his environmental policies look to be a welcome change from the past eight years. Rajendra Pachauri, Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: “Obama has not only been very clear in emphasizing the need for the U.S. to engage in global solutions to meet the challenge of climate change but also in respect of bringing about a major shift in U.S. energy policy … The U.S. now has a unique opportunity to assume leadership in meeting the threat of climate change, and it would help greatly if the new …

Off and running

Running mags go green!

Running has not escaped the ever-more-embracing tentacles of our friend Going Green. The past weekend’s New York City Marathon made efforts to improve eco-friendliness, and magazines Runner’s World and Running Times both highlighted greenness in recent editions. For its article, Running Times elicited advice from one Sarah K. Burkhalter. Oh hey, that’s me! Money quote: Rather than being puritanical and preachy, as I had feared, Burkhalter was full of simple, common-sense advice about running, guided by the same environmental ethos that underlies her take on other aspects of life: Do as much as you can without going insane. Remember, it’s …

From Vacation to Vampires

Step off, beach Vacation then: waves, resorts, and stolen kisses. Vacation now: crime waves, last resorts, and stolen sand. Thanks, climate change! My bottle is a temple One million bottles of beer in the temple, one million bottles of beer … Courtesy Whatever floats your boot Look, a schwimmhausboot! Sure, it has zero emissions, a salvaged-wood exterior, and a green roof — but really, we just wanted to say “schwimmhausboot. “ Blade runner The grass is always greener … when it’s powering your PC. Fang you very much Happy Halloween! Send a Grist e-card to your best ghoul, dress …

Endorsement-y fresh

Newspapers call out climate and energy in prez endorsements

As of Tuesday, 222 daily newspapers had endorsed Barack Obama for president, and 93 had picked John McCain. Many papers mentioned climate and energy, those dark-horse Big Issues in this campaign, as a reason for backing or choosing not to back a candidate. The nation’s largest newspapers in terms of circulation are leaning heavily toward Obama — so far. The two biggest haven’t endorsed — where you at, Wall Street Journal and USA Today? — and neither has the nation’s 10th largest paper, Newsday. But of the seven biggies in between, six chose Obama. In its endorsement of Obama, the …

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