Sarah K. Burkhalter

Sarah K. Burkhalter is Grist's project manager.

  • Down for the count

    Be sure to head over to Grist’s Counter Culture section, where yours truly has compiled facts and figures about poverty in the United States.

  • Let the good times roll

    Bushies restore forest research funding

    Man, journalism is hard! America is addicted to oil — oh wait, no it isn’t. Evangelicals aren’t fighting global warming — oh wait, yes they are. (And by the way, hallelujah!) The Bush administration has suspended funding for forest research …

  • Hey young eco-folk

    Wanna win some money?

    The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes seeks nominations for its 2006 awards. The Barron Prize honors young people ages 8 to 18 who have shown leadership and courage in public service to people and our planet. Each year, ten …

  • Iraq and water

    You already know basically what I’m going to say, don’t you?

    Well, nothing to report on water quality in the U.S. — all is hunky-dory these days! Good thing, too, because our energies are elsewhere, restoring what we destroyed doing improvement projects in Iraq. Hey, how’s that going? Because of unforeseen …

  • Wal-Mart boss gets some tips from the Prince of Wales

    Here is a story about Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott seeking greenie advice from the Prince of Wales. Any attempt on my part to summarize the tale wouldn’t be nearly as good as the article itself, so I offer you the …

  • River Gym

    Concept gym floats on the Hudson River.

    In response to the “silly question” asked of Umbra about human-powered gyms, alert reader Erin B. directed us to architectural visionary Mitchell Joaquim. Enter the Human-Powered River Gym For New York City, the name of which gives all the basic …

  • Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

    EPA set to test toxics on humans.

    This NRDC press release is vague but ominous: More humans are about to become lab rats for the pesticide industry, according to a leaked copy of a rule due to be finalized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later this …

  • Earth in 2050

    An assessment.

    The UN’s Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was completed by 1,360 researchers from 95 countries and published last year; a five-volume coda has just been published that “outlines four plausible ways the planet could develop politically, economically, and socially by 2050, and …

  • Drought in Africa

    People, animals at risk of famine.

    In case you weren’t aware … Drought is causing crisis conditions in East Africa, leaving millions hungry in Kenya, Somalia, and bordering countries. Sudanese herders have driven livestock into a Ugandan wildlife reserve in an effort to find water. The …