Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

Rachael Ray is opening a food truck for dogs

To comment on this breaking news, we have brought in our Dog Food Correspondent, Lucy Bump.

Yet another reason birds are weird: They like to bathe in ants

For you, that might be a flashback to an acid trip. For birds, it’s … well, it almost definitely feels good.

London wants its own High Line, but underground and with more fungus

The winner of London's search for a High Line analogue is a tunnel full of mushrooms.

Amazon starts up site for green products, does not claim it will solve the world’s problems

When we're going to buy stuff, we want it to be as planet- and human-friendly as possible. But we don't want to be told to pat ourselves on the back just because we bought something made from bamboo.

Genius signs in London subway say what everyone’s thinking

Everyone knows there are unspoken rules about using public spaces, especially public spaces like subways where too many human beings are crammed together and touching each other.

This poor guy got a $1,555 ticket for biking in New York City

The bicyclist is lucky the cop caught him. If he'd run any more lights he'd probably owe his firstborn to the NYPD.

Jay-Z took the subway, so now nobody can say it’s not cool

Jay-Z condescended to take the subway from Canal Street to Atlantic Ave for the last of a series of concerts at the Barclays Center.

PSA: Drinking liquid nitrogen is a bad idea

“Duh,” you say? Tell that to a British teen who just had to have her stomach removed.

Why are French bees making blue and green honey?

French bees don't have much better taste than American bees, it turns out.