Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

These baby elephants need moms, and we volunteer

No one's really sure what happened to their families.

A guy in China is trying to sue the government over the terrible smog

Li Guixin lives in the Chinese city Shijiazhuang, which you’ve probably never heard of but which is gigantic.

Blast from the past: Audio project reminds us that times, and temps, are changing

Plug in your earbuds and take a ride with Winters Past. It’ll melt your heart.

This nifty box can (illegally) turbo-charge your bikeshare cycle

Two hours of charge will get you 12 miles of riding.

Florida judge rules it’s illegal to unhook from the city’s water system

A Florida official decided Robin Speronis was doing something too strange to tolerate: She was trying to live off the grid.

Watch the Arctic’s oldest ice melt away

The Arctic's "old ice" -- ice that had been around for at least four years -- used to make up about a quarter of all the ice in the Arctic sea.

Buy this gizmo, and you’ll only ever need one candle for the rest of your life

You can capture the dripping wax and turn it into another candle.

This new IKEA bookshelf system could save forests of trees

IKEA is making a very, very similar shelf that uses slightly less wood.

Farmers fed their hogs ground up piglet intestines … but, um, for a good cause?

Well, this is horrifying.