Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

This is the first fish ever to get off the endangered species list

The chub's secret? It doesn't interfere with any powerful industries.

This goat simulator looks like maybe the best video game ever

Apparently there's a latent and untapped desire on the internet to spend time navigating the world as a goat.

The Great Lakes may be drying up

"Our lakes have never been lower than they are," says climate scientist Carl Watras.

Compare time and cost of every possible transportation option with a single app

Whatever your favorite travel app is, RideScout probably has it beat.

Save the bees by refrigerating them

Mason bees aren't your typical honeybees or bumblebees -- they don't sting, they're not particularly social, and females make individual nests in tubes.

London’s newest urban farm is underground

Pea shoots, arugula, mizuna, chives, mustard leaf, radish, basil, and more, grown hydroponically in the tunnels under LED lights.

These colorful maps show what your city really looks like without a car

Just click any point on the map, and colors pool out around it -- like a heat map, but for time spent on buses or subways.

The number of monarch butterflies that made it to Mexico is at all-time low

This is a pretty good indication of butterfly suffering.

Utah’s transit system is giving away iPads to student riders

A simple-but-effective incentive to increase ridership from college kids.