Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

Screw Cadbury, make your own creamy chocolate Easter eggs

Mass-manufactured chocolate Easter eggs are terrible for the environment. Here's how to make them from scratch.

Strawberries should not be growing in the Arctic Circle, and yet here they are

Greenland is not farm country. But the climate here is changing fast enough that chefs and farmers are finding that they can grow produce they never dreamed of before.

Scientists: To save the lions, fence them in

While it's romantic and all to think about lions roaming free, the reality is that lions that are not roaming free -- that are living in fenced-in reserves -- are doing better than the ones who can wander wherever they …

This howling pack of wolves will make the hair stand up on your neck

The wolves at Indiana's Wolf Creek Habitat rescue program can't go back to the wild, so they just have to band together and hang out, making super spooky sounds.

This gizmo will help you recover your bike from evil bike thieves

It's possible to set it to a level of sensitivity so delicate that if anyone so much as jostles your bike, you will hear about it, via text message or email.

Potato bred to make perfect potato chips will kiiiiiill you

Scientists don't need fancy GM techniques to make weird plants that are not so good for human beings to consume.

Giant pandas get shipped around the world via FedEx

We're going to imagine they're in giant FedEx boxes and that someone has to pull a gigantic tab in order to open them and let the pandas out.

Noble hunter rescues lost seal pup mysteriously stranded in a Swedish forest

The pup was four miles away from any open body of water.

This dude jumping his skateboard over subway tracks is both crazy and CRAZY AWESOME

And, one might argue, way less concerned than he should be about the poor subway driver who'd be traumatized by killing him.