Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a reporter based in New York City who covers environment, energy, and sustainability issues, among other things.

Baby echidna may be cutest, weirdest baby animal ever

Echidnas are spiny mammals that live in Australia and are like the weird cousins of duck-billed platypuses.

This light switch forces kids to save energy through emotional manipulation

This dimmer switch smiles when the lights are off and frowns when they're on.

Dutch towns could heat their bike lanes during the winter

As usual, the Dutch have it all figured out.

By next year, you could go to work in a building powered by algae

It is literally a green building.

Mars’ grand canyon can kick our Grand Canyon’s ass

Mars may or may not have water, but it does have a gigantic, beautiful canyon that puts America's Grand Canyon to shame. I

This woman’s trying to break the Guinness record for fastest tour of the NYC subway system

She's not doing it for the glory, though. She's doing it to call attention to proposed fare hikes that could raise the standard subway fare to $2.50.

New species of jellyfish lives in Portland International Airport and feeds on anxiety

If you happen to be migrating through Portland International Airport, you may have come across this tank of jellyfish gently drifting in the currents.

These chairs are eco-friendly but they look like crystallized barf

! great object lesson in why conscientiousness alone is not enough to change people’s habits.

Despite student protests, college plans to serve beloved oxen as dinner

Lou and Bill lived a good life at Green Mountain College, one of the more green-minded campuses in America.