Sarah Miller

Science has spoken: Cookies really do taste better when they’re dunked

If you'd like to defend your dunking, look no further. Science has your back.

Fukushima nuclear power plant shutdown was caused by a rat

Nuclear power plants are perfectly safe, as long as there are no rats around.

Ice: Makes your drinks cold, contains feces

Do you want ice? It might kill you but it will make your drink cold!

All the giant squid in the world are related to each other

All the giant squid in the world are part of one big extended family! They're going to have a big squid party.

Spiders all over the world like to snack on bats

We now have evidence that spiders eat bats all over the world except in places without spiders or bats. This is scary, and kind of wrong.

Google Maps can now make you a virtual mountain climber

Google Maps gets you from your house to Petco. And now it gets you to the world's highest peaks.

How scientists are bringing this weird, extinct, baby-barfing frog back from the dead

The frog DNA sat around for 40 years before scientists used cloning technology to bring the species back to life.

New York is getting rid of rats by sterilizing them

There are too many rats. So they're going to sterilize them. Seems like a plan.

Finally, a cereal that gives you serious sexual power

Sexual health is important, say the makers of a cereal for sexual health. Which make us wonder, if it's so important, how can it just, like, go in a cereal?