Sarah Miller

This beige liquid could be the only food you need to eat for the rest of your life

It's beige and it's not that exciting. No, it's not carpet. It's food.

Adorable students create air freshener out of cow dung

If these girls make air freshener out of cow dung, well, you can probably at least get a job.

Shark dies in L.A. pool while filming a commercial, miraculously has no cocaine in system

A shark meant for a Kmart commercial died in an above-ground pool in Van Nuys, in Los Angeles. Not a dignified way to go.

Watch a pine marten turn a soccer game into a Wild Kingdom episode

A pine marten bit a soccer player. We know what a soccer player is, but WTF is a pine marten, other than something that bites them?

These LED streetlights can fight crime

Smart streetlights that light up when they're needed might be coming soon to a park near you. To creepily spy on you.

A new board game where kids rescue polar bears from real, melting ice

Meltdown comes with a special ice cube tray, so you can rescue polar bear game pieces from a tabletop-sized melting Arctic.

Make your clothes last longer by coating them in flame-retardant fish sperm

Fish sperm makes a good flame retardant. It's also really great for mixing with fish eggs to make more fish to make more fish sperm.

Mummies found around the world all had heart disease

Apparently, it doesn't matter what you eat; you're going to end up as a mummy with atherosclerosis. Assuming you can find someone to mummify you. Otherwise you'll just have atherosclerosis.

Hero mouse attacks snake to save his friend

A feeder mouse in a Chinese zoo jumped on a snake's head and bit it as it ate another mouse. Would you have done the same, if you were a mouse?