Sarah Miller

Weird, perplexing bacteria discovered in buried Antarctic lake

A mysterious new microbe has been found in Antarctica's Lake Vostok. It is less than 86 percent like anything we've ever seen before.

3D printing adds ‘skull making’ to its seemingly endless list of uses

They can 3D print skulls now. It was just a matter of time.

British Customs discovers 30 million cigarettes masquerading as wind turbine parts

Some sneaky people tried to smuggle some cigarettes into the U.K. by telling customs officials they were wind turbines. Customs Officials, 1, Sneaky People, 0.

Man arrested for flying with 200 pounds of caterpillars

Apparently the man intended to eat them. That's a lot of caterpillar stroganoff.

Pet-loving architects in the Dominican Republic build a beautiful animal shelter out of recycled materials

Animal lovers in the Dominican Republic have banded together to create a beautiful recycled shelter for some abandoned dogs and cats.

Turns out IKEA cake now comes with extra feces

IKEA: where you can get a cheap bed and some poop in your snacks.

Global warming is causing flying squirrels to engage in miscegenation

The northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel are beginning to mate. It might be because of climate change. Or maybe they're just really attracted to each other.

This soccer ball generates energy while you play

Soccer is a cool, continental sport. Now it is also green, thanks to this energy-generating soccer ball.

Fly to Mars in a spaceship made of poop

A rich dude wants to send people to Mars. They're going to give them a nice poop shield though, so they won't die.