Sarah Miller

Don’t try to get anything done in D.C., even driving

D.C. has the worst gridlock. Twice over.

That’s not just a bug, that’s an amazing artist who happens to be a bug

Steven Kutcher is an entomologist, but he's so much more than that. He is a visionary, and his bugs are the vehicle for that vision.

A robot that throws cinderblocks means that humans will no longer be employed to throw cinderblocks

Some robot builders have built a robot that throws cinderblocks. They are still working on the aim.

Brazil’s Carnival now runs on pee

Rio's Carnival has adopted a program called Power to the Pee, where pee running over turbines creates energy to power the event's sound system.

Soon they’ll be able to 3D-print you a hybrid car

They can make everything else with 3D printers, and now, they can make cars too. Or they will be able to soon.

Super-convincing fake egg is made entirely from plants

It supposedly tastes just like real eggs. It is cheaper than real eggs. And it does not require that a pesky chicken to exist for it to be eaten.

Affectless hipster invents, what else, an Oreo separating machine

A Portland man has created an amazing device that takes the cream out of an Oreo. No, it's not a butter knife.

Watch a helicopter rescue a deer stranded on ice by blowing it to shore

A deer stranded on the ice was pushed to safety with the air blast off a low-flying helicopter. Like James Bond for deer.

Former Trader Joe’s CEO: Let them eat cake — as long as it’s cake we weren’t going to eat ourselves

Doug Rauch is starting a store where poor people can buy the stuff rich people didn't want to eat.