Sarah Miller

Morrissey got McDonald’s shut down for his L.A. concert

Morrissey is human and he wants the animals to be loved, which is why the Staples Center McDonald's will be closed during his concert.

Disappearing packaging could save 70 million tons of waste a year

Packaging, be gone. We have had enough of you. But more importantly, so has an intrepid grad student.

Rental jeans let you cover your butt without the commitment

Don't endure the torture of buying a pair of jeans and keeping them forever! Just lease them!


Fish swimming in water contaminated by anti-anxiety drugs turn into weird loners

Perch are usually shy and hang together for protection, but they start acting antisocial and fearless when they swim around in drug-laced water.

Mountain Dew’s Kickstart wants your day to start off disgusting

It's just like Mountain Dew. But it's for breakfast.

This cool gadget tells you how much crap is in the air, at your house and all over the world

It's an egg that measures air quality. It's just what you need, if that's what you need.

Tiny disabled goldfish in a tiny sling is totally killing us here

It's a video of a goldfish wearing a sort of harness/sling thing. Yes, it's very heartwarming.

Wolves maybe became dogs by saying yes to delicious carbs

Dogs are dogs because they can digest carbs. Wolves are wolves because they can't.

Adorable sea turtle gets prosthetic flippers after a shark attack

A sea turtle who lost her flippers in a shark attack got a nice pair of prosthetics. They are attached to a vest. Yes. They are cute.