Sarah Miller

New Zealand woman dies from drinking more than two gallons of Coke a day

The 30-year-old died of cardiac arrhythmia.

Jeremy Clarkson of ‘Top Gear’ dresses up like R2D2 and drives world’s tiniest car

It's a tiny car. It gets great mileage. There's only one problem: The road sometimes has things in it called bumps.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

Pig, out: What’s it like to kill your hog and eat it, too?

Our provisional vegetarian considers whether raising pork humanely can make her feel better about eating it.

This tea is made especially for airplanes

It is crazy how airlines will just do anything to make your flying experience better! Oh wait, this is the only thing.

Raccoons occupy a crane in Seattle

Some Bay Area raccoons moved into a crane. They got chased out. Coming soon to a garbage can near you.

This cooking pot charges your gadgets while heating your soup

The PowerPot charges your phone while you cook. Because let's face it. Without your phone, you are nothing.

The oldest known wild bird, a 62-year-old albatross, just hatched a miracle baby

A really old albatross had a baby. She will soon be walking around Park Slope with a stroller, looking exhausted.

This gross story about a human tooth in a sausage might prompt you to go vegetarian

A British couple found a tooth in their sausage. The supermarket where they bought the sausage says it's a bone. Someone is lying here.

Soon you’ll be able to dry your hands with cold air straight from the faucet

This cute hand dryer will save the world. No, it won't. But it's still cool.