Sarah Miller

KFC’s ‘fried chicken instead of bread’ thing is now infecting other countries

KFC is about to sell a very weird sandwich to the Japanese. Will the Japanese say domo arigato? Or just "fuck you?"

Superpowered squirrel has subzero body temperature for eight months of the year

Would you like to watch a hibernating squirrel wake up from deep freeze? We think you would.

The sad story of climate change, told through neighborhood ice rinks

Rinkwatch measures climate change by monitoring the health of ice rinks in North America. Hint: They're not doing well.

This guy is babysitting 27 orphaned bear cubs, and he could use your help

New Hampshire's only bear rehabilitator is looking after 27 orphaned bears. It costs $1,000 to feed one to adulthood.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

Bacon wrecks the best-laid plans

Even knowing what factory-farmed pigs go through, our provisional vegetarian has a hard time swearing off a morsel of crispy-fatty-salty-sweet pork.

British man’s dog sniffs out smelly whale secretion worth thousands

A man's dog finds him a big lump of ambergris worth thousands. Moral of the story: get a dog.

Wings are now the caviar of chicken

People love wings at Superbowl time. We know that. But did you know that now they really, really love them? Yeah. It's nuts.

The EPA reaches out to LGBT youth with own ‘It Gets Better’ video

The Environmental Protection Agency reaches out to LGBT youth with its own "It Gets Better" video. Yes, the environment includes people too.

Dumb campaign by angry vegetarians got Taco Bell to pull this equally dumb ad

Taco Bell bowed to public pressure and removed an anti-veggie ad. Because people who eat Taco Bell would eat so many fresh vegetables if Taco Bell didn't make fun of them.