Sarah Miller

Adorable 10-year-old entrepreneur runs a business collecting recyclables on his bike

What did you do when you learned about Earth Day in school? Make a little diorama? Vanis Buckholz started a business. When he was 7.

Soon you’ll be able to print your own robot for $800

A French inventor named Gael Langevin is in the process of creating a robot that you can print out from a 3D printing machine.

Convertible heels let you handle all fashion situations with just one pair of shoes

A Canadian woman has invented a shoe with snap-on, interchangeable heels. It's a small step towards less stuff, less trash. And they're cute.

Adorable bottle-nosed dolphin saved by friendly diver

A group of divers were going on a nighttime swim with manta rays. They got so much more.

A meat-lover's guide to going vegetarian

What we don’t want to know about chicken and fish

In week two of the "meat lover's guide to going vegetarian," our provisional vegetarian takes a hard look at how the "lighter" fleshy foods get to her plate.

The Department of Energy wants to sell radioactive metal for scrap

The Department of Energy wants to sell 14,000 tons of radioactive scrap metal to manufacturers who will then make radioactive stuff out it. Seems like a poor use of recycling.

Victoria’s Secret will soon offer nontoxic bras, for a change

Victoria's Secret is going to make its bras less toxic by 2020. Great for your boobs, great for the planet.

The world’s largest online nature sounds archive features 8,000 hours of animal noises

Thanks to Cornell's Macaulay Library, you can now listen to 150,000 recordings of over 9,000 species of animals. But you still have to do your work too.

Five-day tunnel fire in Norway was caused by delicious goat cheese

It's a highway accident! It's a fondue! It's a highway accident AND a fondue!