Sarah Miller

Apple is moving into the wind energy business

Apple doesn't just control the world of devices -- they will soon control the wind too. Or at least the energy it creates. Close enough.

Pop-up park kit turns construction scaffolding into public green space

Think scaffolding is ugly? A New York City based design outfit called Softwalks aims to change your mind with adorable pop-up parks.

Absolutely the most disgusting way to keep your weight-loss New Year’s resolution

Whoever invented this was going to work on world hunger problems, but decided people needed to suck food out of their stomachs more.

Rupert Murdoch still stupid about climate, now thinks pollution is good for trees

Rupert Murdoch gets his climate change info from a dickhead and then tweets it like it's true.

Solar snowboard charges your phone with power collected on the slopes

The dudes at Signal Snowboard have made a snowboard equipped with solar panels that can actually charge your phone.

Soon you’ll be able to drive an electric car from Boston to D.C. with almost no recharging time

Range anxiety no more. Tesla is installing two high-powered charging stations in Connecticut and Delaware.

In the future, your computer could know exactly what you want for dinner

Pretty soon your computer will start knowing what kind of meals you should make and eat. And if it's not good you won't be able to complain to anyone.

New app tells you more about your neighbors than you ever wanted to know

A new ap called Sitegeist tells you a neighborhood's rent values, political breakdown, and commuting style, among other things.

‘Smart fork’ tells you how much you’re eating, and also possibly that you’re insane

This is sort of the Fitbit of forks -- it gives you lots of information about your meal and how much and how fast you ate. And it only costs $100!