Sarah Miller

Narwhal-horn smuggling ring busted in Maine

Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea, are super hard to catch. But that didn't stop these guys from selling 150 of their horns.

Starbucks is now selling reusable cups for a dollar

Starbucks has just kneecapped your excuses for not bringing reusable cups to the coffee shop.

Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup

The next time you drink hot chocolate, get yourself an orange cup. Sound like too much trouble? Well. Enjoy it less then!

Concord, Mass., is the first city to ban plastic water bottles

The ban comes as the result of a three-year fight from local activists, who are quite understandably appalled that Americans use 1,500 bottles every second.

Supermarket is saving $80 million a year just by putting doors on its refrigerators

Vegetables sit out in open refrigerators at many grocery stores. A supermarket chain discovered it can save money and energy by simply adding doors.

Plastic bottle birdhouse is the most sickeningly adorable recycling ever

It's a birdhouse. It's recycled. It's so cute you'll spit.

If you were affected by Sandy, these scientists want your dirt

If you live near Gowanus, Newtown Creek, or the Rockaways and dirt got into your house, get these guys your dirt so they can see how toxic it is.

More and more hospitals are telling McDonald’s to take a hike

There’s a great deal of evidence that McDonald’s food, eaten on a regular basis, is not exactly beneficial to health.

People will go out of their way to hit turtles with cars, because people are jerks

A university student found that drivers will go out of their way to hit a fake box turtle. Conclusion: People are mean, being a turtle sucks.