Sarah Miller

Got a New Year’s hangover? Chicago has a clinic just for you

Horrible hangover? Give these people in Chicago 99 bucks and an hour of your time and kiss it goodbye.

Parrots have different favorite bands, but all of them hate dance music

Parrots actually like certain kinds of music more than they like others. But none of them like Prodigy. Smart birds.

Asparagus may keep you from getting a hangover

Want to get super drunk and not be hungover? Just eat some asparagus. It works like a charm. Or it may. Give it a try.

Christmas trees aren’t just festive, they also eat methane

Christmas trees are really good at eating up methane from the atmosphere. Except when you cut them down. Then they suck at it.

8-year-olds were right all along: It is possible to overdose on Brussels sprouts

Doctors are hoping to get the word out before it's too late: Brussels sprouts and blood thinner do not mix.

German scientists have created perfect Christmas trees through cloning

The Germans have invented a perfect Christmas tree. It doesn't shed, it is perfectly symmetrical. It is like the second coming of Jesus, in tree form.

This school district saved $1.5 million just by turning off lights and stuff

A school in suburban Seattle has saved tons of money with just one easy little fix: they turn stuff off when they're not using it! What a concept.

Chicken farmers replace antibiotics with oregano oil

Oregano oil may be a natural solution to protecting chickens from germs without antibiotics, and also probably making them taste like pizza.

The Gaits iPhone app turns your steps on New York’s High Line into music

This app makes walking and standing into meditative musical experiences,