Sarah Miller

H&M lets you turn in old clothes for new ones

You can bring your old clothes to H&M to get discounts on new clothes. You can bring them anything. Even if it's ugly and really old.

This device tells your phone how gross the air is to breathe

It tells your phone how crappy the air is. And then your phone tells you the bad news.

If you cared about the environment, you’d eat mealworms instead of meat

Mealworms are good for you. They're good for the planet. Too bad they are gross.

We’ve covered the moon with 400,000 pounds of trash, including bags of pee

The moon is covered with man-made debris. Which makes it like Earth, but with less gravity and no good restaurants.

California is turning this industrial town into a car-free oasis

The plan is to make Newark, Calif. into a cute little village, with a train, just like a Richard Scarry book. Sounds adorbs.

Pittsburgh is building a skyscraper that can breathe

Wouldn't you love to be able to take an outdoor walk -- inside a Pittsburgh skyscraper?

This fancy bee is named after a dumb catchphrase from a sitcom

In an attempt to make people care about nature, scientists have named a bee after something a character says on TV

Mistletoe has better things to do than give you excuses to kiss people

Mistleltoe is a lot more than what you make out under. It helps the environment. And the better the environment, the more you make out.

Squid have been committing mass suicide — and now we might know why

Squid have a habit of beaching themselves in droves. Scientists think they might finally be getting a handle on how it happens.