Sarah Miller

Dogs come to help the grieving in Newtown

In Newtown, Conn., people have been shattered by grief. A group of sweet, adorable dogs have been brought in to ease their suffering.

Reclaim NYC makes really cool furniture from Sandy debris

Hurricane Sandy was devastating. But a group of local artists have made some really nice, usable items from the debris it left behind.

Nabisco sends 5,000 Oreos and a dude in an Oreo suit to Antarctica; scientists are pumped

To celebrate its hundredth year, Oreo is "taking over" Antarctica with 5,000 Oreos. We don't think they will meet much resistance.

Half-naked Santas give us a glimpse of a climate-changed Christmas

It's Santa in his underwear. Cute! It's Santa in his underwear. Apocalypse!

Don’t worry, when we move off of Earth we can grow plants in space

The bad news is we might all have to move to the moon. The good news is you can grow plants there.

Greenpeace has pressured Levi’s into making its jeans less toxic

Levi's is always talking about how eco-friendly it is. Now it's going to actually to try to not pump poison into the ground.

Apocalypse-ready German designer makes tiny houses from dumpsters

The world is coming to an end but don't worry. We can all live in dumpsters in Germany.

Lizard named after Obama was wiped out by climate change

They named a lizard after POTUS 44. It is too short to play basketball, and too extinct to spend the next four years telling John Boehner to go fuck himself.

You can now donate to the homeless through a parking meter

People who don't like giving to panhandlers will now be able to give change to the homeless through the more official channel of an old parking meter.