Sarah Miller

Giving cars their own version of the internet could reduce crashes by 80 percent

Networking vehicles might cut down on accidents as much as 80 percent.

How did Newark Mayor Cory Booker do on his food stamp challenge?

Newark Mayor Cory Booker lived on food stamps for a week, and figured out being poor and not drinking coffee sucks.

World’s most famous wolf shot near Yellowstone

Conservationists and scientists and wolves are mad. Ranchers are happy, and so are their sheep. But not for long.

This office building is made entirely out of recycled paper

It looks cool, but what happens when it rains? Uh, apparently nothing.

Hey, McDonald’s is selling that sad pig/gym mat sandwich again

The McRib is McBack. Oh my god is it so McFun to put Mc in front of McEverything. If you don't believe me McTry Mcit!

An animated history of all life on Earth in a single day

This 2 minute video collapses the 4.5 billion year history of the world into a 24-hour period.

Monkey runs around Toronto IKEA in adorable jacket

Just a monkey walking around an IKEA in a cute coat. The very fabric from which society is made.

Holy crap it used to take forever to get anywhere in this country

Six weeks to get from New York to Chicago! And FORGET about L.A.

Doctors save elephant’s eyesight with historic cataract operation

Duchess the elephant just got the second elephant cataract surgery ever performed.