Sarah Miller

Texas town is building public bathrooms made entirely out of glass

Because what sounds more Texan than a glass bathroom?

Pot growers are using, and in some cases stealing, solar panels

Pot growers are using solar panels. But before you get too impressed with their social conscience, they are also stealing them.

Rare Galapagos tortoise breed gets a second shot at existing

Scientists think several generations of cross-breeding can bring the species back to life.

Kohl’s gets some unlikely patrons in the form of deer

They were looking for a Marc Anthony leather jacket on sale, but they were ushered out before they could purchase it.

13-year-old genius from Sierra Leone builds generators out of scrap, makes you feel dumb

With almost no training, 13-year-old Sierra Leonian genius Kelvin Doe makes batteries, transmitters, and generators out of scraps he finds in the trash.

The world has ended, or just about. Now, what wine do you drink with broiled rats and steamed slug?

You were probably wondering what you were going to do with your wine cellar after the giant fireball. Now you know.

Vancouver is using recycled plastic to create Earth-friendly sidewalks

Vancouver is already a really beautiful city. And now, with the addition of plastic to its asphalt, it is beautiful and well-behaved.

New York is turning useless pay phones into awesome information kiosks

The new information hubs will give people info about everything from restaurants to disaster information. Oh, thanks. Better late than never.

Amazing new bike helmet reads your mind

It shows green lights when you're calm, red ones when you're stressed or distracted, and blinking ones when OH SHIT THAT TREE