Sarah Miller

Now vegetarians don’t have to miss out on the madness that is turducken

This veggie version of turducken is a delicious way for the vegetarians in your life to make Thanksgiving a gigantic pain in the ass.

Bubble-wrap bus stop installations make waiting for late transit a lot more fun

Everyone loves bubble wrap. Everyone hates late buses. Voila.

Cory Booker challenges hater to join him in living off food stamps for a week

Newark Mayor Cory Booker challenged a food stamp hater to eat his words.

Civet-poop coffee might be delicious, but at what cost to the poor little civets?

Coffee beans processed through a civet's intestines: Apparently a delicacy. Apparently an animal rights outrage, too.

A toilet theme park has opened in the Korean city of Suwon

It's World Toilet Day! (Seriously.) Here's where you should go to celebrate.

This origami kayak folds to the size of a suitcase

I want one, and, for just $800 on Kickstarter, I can have one.

Former ‘Miss Subways’ beauty queens unite for Sandy relief

They're no longer young, but they're still proud New Yorkers.

They’ve made a car for women, and, surprise, it’s pink

Other than that -- just a car. It doesn't even have glittery exhaust.

Awesome Scottish guy dresses up as giraffe and does righteous stuff

A Scottish dude dresses up as a giraffe and does nice stuff for people. It sounds weird, but it also sounds kind of like a nice way to spend your time.