Sarah Miller

Climate change may make it harder for surfers to catch a good wave

Due to climate change, waves are going to shrink over 25 percent of the world, including in a lot of popular surfing areas. Bogus.

Phone-charging, wifi-providing, levitating bike is one of the coolest concept bicycles we’ve seen

It charges. It hovers. It has batteries. It's a bike. It's a miracle.

This cellphone charger runs on water

Soon, you will be able to charge your cell with water. Oh, and this contraption that costs like 200 bucks.

The Recycled Orchestra is heartwarming and also a little depressing, maybe?

The Recycled Orchestra teaches kids to play instruments made of trash. Which is awesome, even if some of the messaging makes us kind of uncomfortable.

Tourists are making stingrays fat, mean, and insomniac

Stingrays bring huge amounts of tourism money into the Cayman Islands. And what do they get in return? A crappy diet and a messed-up sleep schedule.

Scientists found five kinds of unidentified fungi in Capri Sun

Capri Sun has mold in it. Five kinds. It's like kombucha, but in a handy little pouch, and not on purpose!

Adorable dog has four bionic legs

Naki'o lost his legs to frostbite. Now he has four prosthetic legs, and he is loving his doggie life like a doggie should.

What does a 20-pound swamp rat taste like? Watch two brave guys find out

Save the world. Eat a nutria. Taste test today!

To keep the lights on, Oslo needs to import trash from the U.S.

The city of Oslo is powered by garbage. Which is great, until there's no garbage. Hey ... we've got garbage!