Sarah Miller

Woman wants memorial for fish that died in a traffic accident

An Orange County woman wants there to be a memorial for some fish that got in a car accident. Yes, she's a member of PETA, why do you ask?

Your car might be made out of recycled beans, pants, and money

Garbage is bad. Oil spills are bad. But when you can use them to make cars, they become kinda useful.

Here is a toilet that’s good at soccer

Never at a loss to create something totally weird, two Japanese companies have built a goalkeeping toilet. And it's supposed to be green somehow.

These college students figured out how to turn plastic bottles into water-conserving technology

They won a $100,000 prize for their plan to turn plastic bottles into toilets and rainwater harvesting containers.

Singapore now has a commercial vertical farm

The farm grows three kinds of vegetables, which is a very welcome development for a small, land-poor country.

Shark falling from sky is the first exciting thing ever to happen on a golf course

A California golf course suffered a rain of sharks. Well, a rain of shark.

The cities of the future could be built out of animal blood

What's a cheap, potentially easy to make, sustainable building material? It's a brick made out of animal blood. Sounds tasty. is turning plastic water bottles into pants, other stuff

The musician's company Ekocycle is partnering with companies like Levi Strauss to turn plastic bottles into useful items.

The newest gourmet coffee is made out of elephant poop

You can pay $50 for the privilege of drinking coffee made from beans that an elephant shit out. Or you could just buy yourself a pair of pants.