Sarah Miller

Giant weird eyeball found on Florida beach

A giant eyeball was found on a beach in Florida. It is so giant and so weird they don't know what creature it belongs to. But they'll find out eventually.

Robot sea turtles could help keep the ocean safe and clean

Scientists are developing a mechanical sea turtle that can patrol the oceans.

Gorgeous, crazy-fast Australian train would go over 500 miles in two hours

Australia has plans to make a new really fast train. It's also really sexy. We wonder if we could get Paul Hogan to make out with us on it.

Sarah Palin is going to tell us how to eat like her

Sarah Palin is writing a diet book. It's about how her family eats lots of crap and manages to stay thin. We want one about how they are trashy and manage to stay famous.

Animals are just as depressed as you are

Why are animals depressed when they can't have any idea that their lives suck? No one knows. They just are.

School cook in Sweden told to make her food less delicious

When you were growing up and you ate your school lunch of disgusting gristle-filled burgers and rubbery pizza and creamed chipped beef, did you ever think that one day there might be a school somewhere where the lunches were too …

Two Australians will be given a home and bathrobes and forced to get everything else secondhand

Two random people are being told to buy nothing new for a week. We think they'll live, but they might end up in ugly T-shirts and mom jeans.

Brewmaster makes beer out of yeast harvested from his beard

A brewmaster in Oregon discovers that the yeast in his beard is no different from other yeast. Then he decides to use it to make beer. Then he gives it a gross name? Sadly, if someone handed us a cold …

Chanel runway show uses wind turbines as fashion accessories

Chanel's spring fashion show takes place in a field of wind turbines. Eco-chic has definitely arrived. Will it do anything to change the world?