Sarah Miller

Long Island unlikely home to five alligators

Five alligators have been found on Long Island. They're probably wishing they were somewhere warmer, and with less traffic and hair spray.

A beautiful, fragrant garden made from the poop of tennis players

The Riverside Clay Tennis Organization is in the process of creating some super eco toilets that magically turn poop into flowers. Well, that's a little bit of an exaggeration. But they kind of do.

Manhunt for woman who rode a manatee finally comes to an end

A woman in Florida tried to ride a manatee and people were pissed. Lots of them took photos of her so she had no choice but to turn herself in.

Now we can get drunk on artisanal bourbon at the farmers market

New Yorkers can now sell fancy booze in the places where they sell fancy vegetables and coffee.

Introducing England’s first building made of garbage

Architect Duncan Baker-Brown believes there's no such thing as waste, but he's somehow still making a building out of it.

We think this kid who licked an entire subway rail should donate himself to science

This is one of the grosser ways you could interact with public transportation. But on the plus side, it could be of use to modern medicine!

How we can slow global warming by smashing up an asteroid

Do not worry about global warming. Seriously. We are going to explode asteroids, and then, we're going to hide behind them, and it's going to be GREAT.

Thanks to climate change, Texas is up to its ears in dead crickets

Texas is having a very big problems with crickets and it's not just that the crickets are really gross, it's that when they die, they smell really bad.

McDonald’s video claims their beef is not really that bad

McDonald's makes a video to show people that their beef is as pure as the driven snow, and even includes a few lol questions from wary consumers.