Sarah Miller

$4,000 eco-chandeliers are made of bike parts and self-importance

Woman makes chandeliers out of bike parts, and someone makes a video about it, and we can't help but laugh at how pretentious it is.

We dare you not to cry while watching this man hand-feed a sick bee

An adorable bee was going to die until an adorable man adorably hand fed the bee honey and then the bee got better.

This design turns New York’s parking lots into awesome prefab apartment buildings

Innovative green architects want to make neato affordable dwellings for elderly and homeless and so on -- but can't we have one just because we're kind of poor?

360,000 bees are staying at the Waldorf Astoria

There are bees living at the Waldorf Astoria, which is really cute, in a way, since they make honey, and really gross when you think about how a bee farm is just a creepy way for a hotel to pretend …

Meat map shows you how to avoid antibiotics

For those people not interested in eating meat laced with chemicals and antibiotics, there is now a crowd-sourced map that lets you know where to get antibiotic-free meat.

Now you can download and print an entire house

A London-based design team has come up with DIY designs for “WikiHouses,” which let would-be home constructors download plans and “print” the components themselves rather than buying them in a factory. In practice, I am pretty sure I couldn’t build …

Here’s a nice story about a cute baby endangered sea turtle getting rescued

Cute turtle rehabbed by nice people at Florida's Marine Science Center is nurtured, returned to the wild.

Charbroiled burgers create more air pollution than diesel trucks

A new study finds that trucks would have to drive 143 miles to produce as much pollution as one charbroiled burger.

Baby elephant is as cute as its name is unpronounceable

This new baby elephant is cute as hell, and its name contains a letter that doesn't exist in English or probably any of the other languages you know.