Sarah Miller

There may be terrifying predatory land-walking fish in Central Park

There are probably snakehead fish in Central Park. They won't eat you, but that's about the only good news.

England has a McDonald’s University, and it’s almost as competitive as Harvard

Want a career in fast food? You can go to McDonald's U -- if you're one of the lucky 7 percent who get accepted.

Watch a dude with death-defying knife skills slice up an entire watermelon in 21 seconds

Need to cut up 100 watermelons? Give this guy 10 minutes.

Adolph the unkillable tortoise survived snowstorms, fires, and Nazis

This is clearly a turtle who wants to live, despite the world's attempts to bring him down.

Ben Affleck is going to eat like a poor person [Updated]

Ben Affleck is going to see what it's like to be poor.

Here are some capybaras hanging out in a hot tub

Capybaras do cute stuff. You watch.

A desperate McDonald’s Japan turns to frantic dance as metaphor

McDonald's Japan isn't doing well. Bring on the dancing employees.

This magical filter makes soda into water

This water bottle, which is based on a filter developed by NASA, is so powerful it gets rid of everything in the Coke that makes it Coke, and turns it into plain water.

L.A. ice cream shop churns all its ice cream using bike power

An L.A. man who loves bikes and ice cream has gotten them together, for sustainable pedal-powered deliciousness.