Sarah Miller

Climate change T-shirt

Climate change T-shirt is (almost) the star of London’s fashion week

Fashion Icon Vivienne Westwood vamps it up DIY style at London's fashion week. Does she care? Or is she just being mad trendy?

Russia has secret diamond reserves worth one quadrillion dollars

Russia discovers diamonds, keeps them a secret, then finally tells everyone what great diamonds these are.

Wasp named for Lady Gaga sparks nerdy outrage

This wasp is named after Lady Gaga, and fittingly, some people are mad about it.

Study: Men recognize cars, women recognize birds

A Vanderbuilt University Study on gender and observational skills reveals strange facts about what men and women recognize.

This New Zealand river is officially a person

A river in New Zealand now has person hood status -- we're all so relieved, since everyone treats people great.

Chicago plans to eliminate pedestrian deaths

Walking is good. Getting hit by cars is not. Chicago hopes to increase the former by decreasing chances of the latter.

Dumpster gardens make your block look prettier because trees, and uglier because dumpsters

A Brooklyn man wants to beautify Brooklyn with dumpster gardens that aren't really that beautiful.

New eBay for recyclable oils makes it way easier to power your biodiesel car

It's cheap and easy to use but hard to get, but possibly getting easier, with the first ever online marketplace for recycled oils.

Northern Virginia seems to have a rabid beaver problem

If you don't want to get bitten by a rabid beaver, best to avoid Northern Virginia, where there have been a spate of attacks.