Sarah Miller

Students build a cafe out of plain old recycled cardboard

Students in England have built a pop-up cafe out of cardboard. It can be flatpacked and moved around to wherever English people need coffee.

Koala populations are threatened by rampant STDs

About 50 percent of the koalas in Australia have chlamydia. Now, new discoveries in genetics may save koala populations threatened by STDs.

Adorable therapy dogs bring comfort to Boston victims

The same comfort dogs deployed to help in Newtown are traveling to Boston. They are a cute and comforting presence.

Would you believe Miami has the most efficient road system in the country?

Of the biggest U.S. cities, Miami is the most efficient in terms of amount of highway. (Atlanta is the worst.)

For the first time in history, a bear gets brain surgery

A bear at a sanctuary in Asia was the first ever to get brain surgery. Her prognosis is beary good.

Mess with beavers, pay the price

When Beavers Attack. That's all. That's enough.

This dude lived alone in the Maine woods for 27 years, supporting himself with over 1,000 burglaries

You think you're in tune with nature? Yeah, get back to us when you've spent nearly 30 years with no other company.

The secret to bigger, healthier crops may be urine

Pee. It might be really good for crops. And then again, it might not be. It's a matter of some pee-bate.

Fishing teens in Florida spend two hours wrestling great white shark

Don't go charter fishing in Florida unless you're prepared to wrestle a shark. And lose.