Sarah Miller

This guy recycled an old piano into an awesome musical bike

A musician in San Francisco made a bike and a piano into a piano bike. Now he has a better job than you.

12-year-old’s letter halts forest-cutting construction project

If you want to build a housing project in Canada, don't let any literate, feisty 12-year-olds find out about it, or they'll stop you with a heartfelt letter.

Finally, a positive consequence of climate change: More penguins!

Sure, global warming sucks -- unless you're an Adélie penguin. Then it's the best!

This may be the world’s most expensive egg

This single egg from a London restaurant costs more than $12. It better be the best egg ever. And maybe it is.

Where not to pee in NYC: Interactive map shows you where you’ll get busted

Gothamist made a map that shows where in New York people are peeing and getting arrested for it. What will they think of next? More public toilets?

A big battle over a tiny door in a San Francisco tree

There's a tiny door in a tree in San Fran's Golden Gate Park. People like it. Officials don't. Who will win?

China is building buses so enormous that cars can just drive underneath them

The Chinese have invented a bus you can drive under. Let's get some of them. Now.

Newly discovered species of spider is as big as your face

Have you ever been to Northern Sri Lanka? If you haven't, don't go now, because they have just discovered a new type of tarantula there and the thing is huge.

We really want to live in this floating Finnish village — and thanks to climate change, we’ll eventually have to

They're building some energy efficient floating condos in a little town in Finland. Maybe we will learn Finnish and retire to one and drink aquavit forever.