Sarah Miller

Baby sea lion found lounging in luxury at San Diego hotel

This baby sea lion appreciates the finer things in life. Like napping in a chair at a fancy hotel.

What’s inside this squid? Oh my god, it’s a bomb!

A fisherman found a bomb in a squid. No. The squid is not OK.

Baby giraffe is impossibly adorable, good news for an endangered subspecies

There's a new Rothschild giraffe in Connecticut. Watch it stand up for the first time.

Man presumptuously kidnaps 13 percent of an entire turtle species

A man was arrested in Bangkok smuggling 54 ploughshare turtles. There are only 400 of the species in the wild.

Soon, you’ll be able to use New York’s pay phones to call the year 1993

A new use for the 5,000 useless pay phones in NYC: You can use them to hear recorded messages about what life was like in NYC when people actually used them.

Oklahoma man will pay you $100,000 to take his geodesic dome

You might be excited that you could get paid to take a geodesic dome off this guy's hands. But trust me, this one should be filed under "more trouble than it's worth."

Is there any point to buying organic baby food?

Organic baby food costs like twice as much as regular baby food. A recent study raises the question: Is this money you really need to spend?

New Weather Channel show talks to the people who are trying to change the climate (with cartoons and jokes!)

The show visits researchers who are coming up with creative, and in some cases cray-cray, solutions to rescue us hapless citizens from the havoc we're wreaking on our world.

You can help track the inexorable progress of this year’s cicada infestation

Every 17 years, the cicadas come. This time, we're prepared.