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The Grist List: From Timberlake to Taco Bell

Justin Timberlake brings sexy back to green, and more

Photo: jurvetson via FlickrBring it on down to GolfersvilleJ Tee is bringing sexy back to green. The putting green, that is. And with eco-friendly practices par for this course, we’ll hold your wood any day, Mr. Timberlake.                            

She shoots, she scores

Seattle Storm WNBA team shoots 3’s for trees

Photo: otakuchick via FlickrEvery three-point shot made by a Seattle Storm player this season will be a slam dunk for a local forest. Through a partnership with Carter Subaru, a local car dealership that promises to plant trees for every test drive, the Seattle Storm were able to plant 154 trees last year as part of their “3’s for Trees” campaign. This year, they’re aiming for even more trees planted on the Mountains to Sound Greenway, the scenic byway along I-90. Joining the ranks of other green sports stars, the Seattle Storm have also committed to reducing the footprint of …

Size does matter

Starbucks brews global green-building plan, renovates Seattle shop

Photo: Sarah van SchagenStroll into the newly renovated Starbucks coffeehouse in Seattle’s University Village and the décor may feel more familiar than you’d expect. The menu boards are made from the chalkboards you may have scribbled on at nearby Garfield High School; the shelving is from old bleachers you may have sat upon; the leather accents near the bar are from your old shoes and car seats; and the ash-wood community table that stretches the length of the store and patio (one-third of it is outside) is salvaged from a tree that fell in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. It’s part of …

Tuning in

Rothbury Music Festival rocks sustainability mission

Photo: kuba425 via FlickrWhile your standard summer music festival may consider its primary mission to be “rocking out,” the Rothbury Music Festival being held this weekend in Michigan states its purpose to be “harnessing the spirit of the music festival community into a durable social movement.” Then again, Rothbury isn’t your standard summer music festival. The festival organizers consider it a “party with a purpose,” and for the most part, that purpose — as showcased by their greening initiatives and educational events — is sustainability. Now, this is not to say there won’t be rocking out; headliners this year include …

ACES high

Washington Republican helps swing climate bill vote

The American Clean Energy and Security Act (aka the Waxman-Markey bill) narrowly passed in the House late Friday thanks to eight bold Republicans who hopped the fence. And one of them is Washington state’s very own Dave Reichert of the 8th District (which includes Mercer Island, Bellevue, and surrounding areas). Some 44 House Democrats, mostly from coal-producing and industrial states, broke party lines by voting “no” on the bill that promises renewable electricity standards, emissions caps, investments in energy technology, and more. That means those eight Republicans who gave a “yay” rather than a “nay” produced the simple majority vote …

The Grist List: From Poo to Potato

A loo that turns poo into fuel, and more

LooWatt LooWatt, oh baby, me gotta goMeet the LooWatt: a waterless eco-commode made from poop that turns your #1 and #2 into CH4. It’s the diaper genie of the sustainability set.  

Candid Cameron

Cameron Diaz films eco-documentary, takes on role as planet’s publicist

“How do we make this little planet of ours a big star?” asks actress Cameron Diaz in the cover story of Marie Claire‘s July issue. “The planet needs a publicist.” And this bubbly blonde is just the gal for the job. She’s long been an environmental activist — running around with an MTV video crew for her 2005 show Trippin’, which took her to exotic locales all over the world — but it wasn’t until she attended the TED conference recently that she really felt the push to do something a bit more serious. These days, she’s doing a lot …

The Grist List: From Beer Soap to Banana Skins

Beer Soap turns lager into lather, and more

BudwasherNext time you bathe, boys, lager up with a bar of Beer Soap, guaranteed to do a better job of attracting the ladies than, uh, just the beer alone.   (Click below to see the next item in this week’s Grist List—or view them all on a single page.)                

Local warming

Pacific Northwest says goodbye to salmon, skiing; hello to heat waves

The new U.S. climate change impacts report — on which we’ve been reporting all day — includes some hard-hitting regional data. For example, did you know that annual average temperatures in the Northwest rose about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit over the last century — with some areas seeing increases up to 4 degrees? And the rising mercury ain’t slowing any time soon: average temps are predicted to rise another 3-10 degrees in this century. That may not sound too bad to those of us craving some summer warmth. But it’s scary news if you’re a local salmon craving cold water — …

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